Warrenton Inner Healing Center  
Richard Stammler, Ph.D      
​Rich Stammler is a life-long student of psychology and the deep questions about life and reality, which ultimately led to a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology and a certification as a past life regressionist. He loves to teach, lecture and discuss these and related topics. Richard has an undergraduate and master’s degree in psychology and a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology.​

In his dissertation, Richard explored the incidence and characteristics of non-Earth entities (which he calls Transmundo Beings [TMB]) that arise in a discipline that is most likely to elicit them and that is past-life regression therapy. To put it mildly the results are interesting, even surprising, and were presented at the World Regression Congress in Izmir, Turkey in 2011. He published a book on this research, Transmundo Beings in Regression Therapy,which is available at www.CreateSpace.com and www.Amazon.com.

Richard conducts transpersonal hypnotherapy and various workshops including health, illness, and transitions; creating abundance; and discovering TMB experiences (among others). He has spoken or conducted workshops at many venues throughout the United Stats and publishes regularly on the web.

He is the director of the Warrenton Inner Healing Center (LLC).  He enjoys giving talks on a wide variety of topics related to transpersonal psychology and the view that our physical self represents a fraction of what/who we truly are. He is the editor of the Journal of  Regression Therapy, a professional journal of the International Association of Research and Regression Therapies (IARRT). Richard publishes articles regularly on the web.